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From bill collections to employee paychecks, automate your transactions for safer, faster processing. 

ACH (Automated Clearing House ) is an electronic funds transfer system that moves money between bank accounts, and offers a cost-effective alternative to wire transfers, paper checks, credit card or cash payment options. Automated payments have become one of the most popular methods for account-to-account transfers in America today.  In 2021, over $72.6 trillion worth of funds were transferred through the ACH network, a year-on-year increase of over 17 percent. (Source: NACHA)

With ACH, you take control of getting paid and reduce the stress of late payments. Plus, it will save valuable time that is usually spent on payment collections and financial administration. Go ahead, do the happy dance. 


Benefits of ACH:

Automate your billing.

With ACH, you can set up customized one-time or recurring payment plans with your customers to save time and money, while providing payment convenience for you and your customers.  

Save time, money and hassle.

Electronic transfers are faster, safer and easier compared to traditional check or credit card payment. ACH transfers can’t get lost in the mail and don’t require manual processing.  With same day ACH now available, processing is quicker than ever.  Also, the cost to process an ACH payment is typically lower than credit card processing fees or the cost of a stamp, which can save you money when collecting recurring customer payments. ACH alleviates the hassle of debt collections and reminding customers invoices are due, as payment plans are set up automatically transfer between accounts.

Offer more security for customers and your business.

ACH provides an alternative payment for customers who prefer not to enter or store their credit card information online. 

For your business, ACH solutions allows you to keep account payables and account receivables and payroll in house rather than outsourcing to a third party vendor.

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