By Shane Gibson

Hi, I’m Shane Gibson, Business Services Officer at Security Bank. I work with local business owners, to help put tools in their hands that help them streamline their daily financial operations, but also to help protect their business accounts from fraud.

Each year millions of business fall victim to fraud, resulting in billions of dollars lost. I’d like to share a growing trend in the banking industry that can help your business accounts – the use of bank tokens.

Tokens are rotating codes, forever changing that conceal your identity. Through an app installed on your mobile device, the token authenticates your identity electronically by mixing up passwords and 256-bit data encryption.

What’s the advantage of token authentication?
  • The ability to generate a random code for every transaction thereby making it impossible for another person to access the account or perform a transaction.
  • No need to visit your bank; with a token you can carry out online transactions, wires, ACHs and transfers from your computer or mobile device.
  • Send money to family and friends and make payments from any web-enabled device – securely and safely.
  • The token is the latest in banking security, installed on your mobile phone, and offers 256-bit data encryption to protect your account details.
  • Carries safely in your pocket installed within your mobile device.

Token authentication is the next step to combat fraud and identity theft. Call me to learn more. Shane Gibson, 918.628.6100,