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Smooth rough edges in your payroll processing by switching to automatic payments. We offer on-site setup and training to help you get started.   

  • Automate your payroll, create and change automatic payments yourself, take control of your small business payroll.
  • Schedule one time for repeating payments.
  • Process online electronic payments, no need for paper checks.
  • Pay payroll, or accounts payable items securely and electronically.
  • Access through online banking.

We would be happy to do a free cost analysis to determine the value and potential cost savings you may gain by partnering with us for your payroll processing needs.

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How long does it take to set ACH up?

After receiving the signed Application and Agreement, setup time is between 4 and 5 days to fully have it active and ready on the account.

Is ACH safe?

Typically, ACH is a much safer method for sending or receiving payments electronically because of not utilizing paper checks or the mail system that can be subject to tampering.

Can I send money or payments through ACH?

Yes, you can send electronic payments using the ABA Routing number, Account number, and Account name.

Can I collect money or Accounts Receivable through ACH?

Yes, you can collect electronic payments using ACH with the ABA Routing number, Account number, and Account name.

Do you offer same day ACH?

Yes, we do offer same day ACH within our scheduled time frames.

Can I set reoccurring ACHs?

Yes, you can set a schedule for your ACHs to be reoccurring, or on a scheduled basis.

Can I create Templates within ACH for convenience and speed?

Yes, Templates can be created for payments or collections that are done often and need to be used quickly and frequently.

What is the fee for ACH?

We offer custom solutions for our customers’ individual business banking needs. We would be happy to do a free cost analysis to determine your pricing, value and potential cost savings. Contact us.

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