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Prime Day Phishing Scams on the Prowl

Our friends at KnowBe4 share a warning about Prime Day Phishing Scams. Be very skeptical of unrealistic deals and suspicious offers. Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to an Amazon Prime Day scam. 

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How to Spot a Tax Scam

It’s tax season and time to be on guard for scams targeting taxpayers. They come in many forms and it’s important to learn how to spot a scam before you accidently fall for one. Let’s walk through a few.

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Scam Alert: Facebook Phishing Scam Stealing Credentials

Our friends at KnowBe4 security company share a Facebook phishing scam, which is sending posts that appear to come from family and friends. Find out how scammers operate the Facebook phishing scam and how to avoid becoming a victim. 


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Take Charge of Your Data Privacy

You generate lots of data every time you access the internet, and while you cannot always control the fact that your data is collected when using digital apps and services, you can take charge of how and with whom you share data with in many cases. The National Cybersecurity Alliance offers tips on how to take charge of your data privacy. 

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Five Common Stranger Scams Targeting Elders

There are many ways a stranger might try to scam an elderly individual out of their money. Let’s look at five common stranger scams targeting elders, and get a banker’s perspective on how you can avoid becoming a victim.

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