By Lynette Lambert, SBA Loan Officer


Graphic of paper being shredded

It’s important to securely dispose of old documents and mail that may contain sensitive information.  Shred  documents and mail with personable identifiable information. Do not toss them in the trash, as thieves can use this information to steal your identity, the identity of an employee and more.

Examples of items to shred:

  • Paid utility, credit card and medical bills
  • Employee records
  • Old pay stubs, bank statements, investment documents and confidential records
  • Items with personal identifiable information (old credit reports/histories and IDs)
  • Expired permanent records (passports, driver’s licenses, insurance policies)
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Tax forms and tax-related documents older than 10 years
  • Items with a signature (old leases, contracts, letters)

Never Shred

  • Permanent records
  •  Birth certificates, adoption papers, social security cards
  • Marriage or divorce decrees
  •  Auto and home deeds

Now is a good time to purge old personal and business records. Shredders, Inc. will be on site in the Security Bank parking lot at 10727 E. 51st Street in Tulsa from 9-noon May 14 to dispose your old documents. For more information, call us at 918.664.6100 or email