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Prime Day Phishing Scams on the Prowl

Our friends at KnowBe4 share a warning about Prime Day Phishing Scams. Be very skeptical of unrealistic deals and suspicious offers. Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to an Amazon Prime Day scam. 

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Recipe for Financial Success

In celebration of World Baking Day, we are whipping up a different kind of recipe - a recipe for financial success. Whether you are aiming to build an emergency fund, pay off debt, or invest in your future, follow these step-by-step instructions to bake your way to financial wellness. Grab your apron and let’s bake.

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Maximize Your Defense, Halt the Threat of Check Fraud

Check fraud is still a big threat to business owners. Your best defense is a proactive approach.  Positive Pay is a proactive tool to help stop check fraud before it hits your account. Learn more.

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Tax Shredding Guide: When is it Safe to Shred Your Old Returns?

With tax season behind us, now is a good time to dispose of old returns and supporting documents, but when it is safe to shred tax documents? The IRS offers general guidance on how long you should keep your tax documents and when you can safely shred them. You can safely dispose of old tax documents at Security Bank's annual Community Shred Day, offering free professional document shredding services. 

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How to Spot a Tax Scam

It’s tax season and time to be on guard for scams targeting taxpayers. They come in many forms and it’s important to learn how to spot a scam before you accidently fall for one. Let’s walk through a few.

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