Bad guys are looking to take your money during the busiest on-line shopping days of the year. Shop safe and watch out for email and text phishing scams. 

Red flags the email or text is a scam:

  • Asks you to enter personal information
  • Asks you to click on a link
  • Calls to actions with feelings of urgency or fear, e.g., click now or your account will be billed
  • Unsolicited renewal alerts or subscription notices
  • Deals too good to be true

Be on high alert for the following scams: 

Fake websites

Don't fall for a fake website. Don't click the link from within the email or text with a special offer. Type in the address of the store or use your bookmark in your web browser.

Notices pretending to be FedEx, UPS or Amazon asking you to enter personal information.

Don’t enter anything! If you're worried about a recent purchase or delivery, log into your account to view details. Do not click in the email or text. 

Fake mobile apps promising big money savings.  Only download trusted apps. Do your research. Think before you click. 

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, call your bank immediately.

For more ways to protect yourself online, visit our Security Page.