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Free up working capital with Security Bank ePayables, an automated purchasing card payment program designed to streamline the accounts payable process. In addition to reducing your expenses and improving cash flow, the system benefits your suppliers by providing immediate payments of guaranteed funds.

Key features of the system include:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly Accounts Payable interface
  • Batch payment of invoices in one file upload
  • Exact payments for supplier-initiated transactions

How it works:

  • Suppliers are enrolled for ePayables acceptance.
  • Accounts Payable receives and processes invoices.
  • A payment file is uploaded to an online portal so suppliers can be paid electronically.
  • Remittance information is sent electronically to suppliers detailing payment information.

ePayables provides two electronic methods for making payments tailored to your needs:

Supplier-Initiated Payments

Supplier receives an email or fax that includes the single-use virtual account number, payment amount and invoice details. The supplier is responsible for processing (or "pulling") the payments. Payments may be set for Exact Pay, in which authorizations are limited to the exact penny of the invoice(s), guaranteeing 100% reconciliation. This is the preferred method of payment and is most common.

Buyer-Initiated Payments

Your company "pushes" payment directly to the supplier. A distinct merchant depository account is set up in which payments are credited. Supplier receives an email or fax remittance that includes total amount being deposited and invoice details.